How to get twitter notifications using REST API


I am developing an application related to twitter and i would like to know
if there is any way to fetch user notifications using the REST API?


No, there is not.



First of all thanks to reply me. I want to ask is there any purchased twitter rest api to fetch notifications?
Because Tweetbot app is showing notifications. Have you any idea about this?



I believe the Tweetbot developers built that system for themselves. There’s no additional Twitter-provided API for this.



Actually i want to display twitter user’s notifications, Is there any indirect way to fetch notifications means by combination of different apis. Can you help or give me any idea about this?



If you’re wanting to provide push notifications to a user’s device based on mentions, DMs, etc then Tweetbot, etc would be using SiteStream on their own server infrastructure.

If you mean tracking all Tweets a user posts you’ll need to use other forms of stream filter or user stream


If I send DM to the specific user who do not follow me, they can see my message?