How to get twitter impressions via API for single tweet?



Does anyone know how to get twitter impressions via the API?

I am trying to get the tweet impressions( Reach ) with the API. There are lot of site provide the functionality for this like Here you can see they provide the data for tweet reach. But when i am trying to find this in API it not return me the records for this. I tried reach, impressions using Rest API. But nothing found the result with this. Please help me if anyone know about this. How can i get the impressions (Reach) of a tweet with API.

Any help would be massively appreciated!

Is there a way to find the impressions and post engagement for a tweet created by a user who has passed OAuth

There are no direct public API methods to help you with this - you would have to do your own calculation, for example by comparing the number of users who follow the original user who Tweeted (which I believe is how e.g. Tweet Reach works).

We do have some APIs from GNIP which provide data such as impressions and engagement - you can learn about them here ->