How to Get Twitter Home Timeline in windows phone C#



I am using TwitterSharp and hammock for twitter Authentication,
Its give me Authentication, and i can sign in too. but i can’t be get twitter home timeline, when using its json file then its give me error, and not open page,
json file path (1/statuses/update_with_media.json)

When i use api this error i got it…
not understand how to fix it.



First thing to note here is that update_with_media is deprecated, so you should look at how we now recommend you upload media with Tweets.

Secondly, you won’t be able to retrieve that URL in a browser - firstly because it requires a POST not a GET, and secondly because you need OAuth in code.

What is happening in your code?


In every API like i use to get or post it give me error. i try to many time and check it. and when i use to upload pic. same error.
its just working properly in get my all tweets, post my tweets

@andypiper Sir i think there is some isue in Twitter Api.


Are you able to share an end-to-end code snippet that returns an error? (please don’t post your app keys though).


Here is my code. for posting my image to twitter.

Sir this is my code.and i read every thing about OAuth Authentication but not understand why it not post my image.