How to get Twitter hashtag trends?




I need to get a simple list of the most used hashtages in Germany for the last 24 hours.

I’ve already tried to use the trends/place API with the WOEID for Germany:

That seems to work so far. But for most of the trends the tweet_volume is NULL. Why?

And if I compare the results with this trending topics - they are totally different:

So: How can I get the right list of the most trending hashtags for Germany?



tweet_volume is a value that relates to the Ads API and is not currently documented for general use cases. It can be disregarded if you are retrieving results successfully.

I’ve no idea how that site derives its results. I would imagine that they might be listening on the Streaming API and making up their own results, it is not clear. If it does not match the results from the /1.1/trends/place.json endpoint, I can’t really comment on the reason, sorry.


Thank you very much!

tweet_volume would be great to sort the results by popularity.