How to get Twitter Active User Login Status with Javascript Like Facebook FB.getLoginStatus() ..?


Hello Friends,

I need help for getting user status from twitter that shows whether any user has logged in or not…? if yes then how can i access or get twitter user session or cookie.

Because on my web application, i need to display twitter sign-in button if there is no active user session on twitter website, and if any user has already signed on then hide this twitter button and display link that "Hello {Username}, would you like to connect via Twitter …?

Please, provide me solution…


Hi Keyur,

There is no way with the Twitter API to determine if an end-user on your website is currently logged in to Twitter itself, nor their username. Signing in with Twitter to your website should not be based on the end-user’s logged in status with Twitter, but instead their logged in status with your website. Using the [node:116] model may be a better fit for you.


I think their is not perfect solution for that.


Their is no update available on login status.


I also look for the same


Is there any alternative solution?


pl i want solution


my pohto on solution


whats that of [node:116] model???