How to get tweets stats for a campaign


If you go to ads dashboard and click on Campaign-> (select a campaign) -> Tweets
it has URL similar to this one:{account_id}/campaigns_dashboard?campaign={campaign_id}&endString=2015-07-21T16%3A12%3A39.000&segment=tweets&startString=2015-04-28T16%3A54%3A00.000

This allows you to get breakdown of the tweets stats.

I’m trying to do the same via API.

This is possible for “GENDER”:{account_id}/campaigns/2ebhh?start_time=2015-04-25&end_time=2015-05-10&granularity=DAY&metrics={some_matrics}&segmentation_type=GENDER

I would like to do the same for tweets, but unfortunately there is no “segmentation_type” support for “TWEETS”.

Any ideas how to get daily breakdown on campaign tweets?


You can retrieve analytics on a promoted tweet level on the GET stats/accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint. To get the list of promoted tweets associated with a specific line item, use the GET accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets endpoint.