How to get tweets from followings?



Up to now I used Spring Social Twitter (v1.1.2) and the StreamingOperations to retrieve tweets from my followings. Recently, I ran my application and I didn’t receive tweets anymore.

Here a piece of code to show how I retrieved tweets :
twitterTemplate.streamingOperations().user(new UserStreamParameters(UserStreamParameters.WithOptions(FOLLOWINGS)), listeners).
=> listeners is just a list of StreamListener which defines onTweet, onDelete, onLimit and onWarning methods.

My question is how to achieve the same with the new APIs ? Do I have to use Standard API statuses/filter or Enterprise API Power Track to retrieve tweets from my followings ?

Thanks !



Hi Thomas - You can stream tweets using statuses/filter or our Enterprise API, PowerTrack, as you alluded to and you can read more about them here:


I also suggest that you keep an eye on this item on our roadmap: