How to get tweets from a user's timeline in a specific time range (Eg: Jan 2012 - May 2012)?


Hi all,

I want to fetch 250 tweets from a user’s timeline given the user id, ona specific time range. Say for user X I need to fetch all tweet from his timeline dating from Jan 2012 to May 2012. Is there is an option in the API to perform this task? Please let me know. I appreciate all your help.



Hi Mani!!
Do you solve this problem?? If yes how?



Refer since:2015-07-19 and until:2015-07-19 Query operators at

I hope this will help.


It is impossible to get this. If using the search api like @rizAShaikh suggested you will not get the tweets, as the search API only has a very limited amount of Tweets, if you are lucky dating back a week or so.
To get older Tweets you have to use commercial solutions like Twitter Gnip.