How to get tweets for specific date duration?


Can anyone please guide me or provide an example on how to get tweets for specific date duration(like from date and to date)? and also how to get the date when tweets have been posted? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Question about querying tweets based on date

The date a Tweet is posted is displayed in the “created_at” field, as explained here:

If you want to get Tweets between two dates which still exist in our search API range (6-9 days into the past) then you can use a query parameter which uses the since: and until: operators. For example, Tweets containing “cats” between August 5 and August 10: “since:2013-08-05 until:2013-08-10 cats”

Beyond that, you’ll have to find a timeline of Tweets you want to look through and perform a manual search for ones which occur between your desired dates, again using the “created_at” attribute.


I have a similar question is this still the case? To return tweets from a specific date?


Any way we can search for tweets that were posted between specific dates with specific words? Say I want an year old tweet with had the word ‘Apple’.


As far as I know the API is limited to the last 7 days


From here:

Looks like you’d have get all the 7 day tweets and find where the date changes over the 7 days and find what the id would be for those tweets that start on a new day. Seems like a lot of work to get daily tweets or tweets between a certain date range.


Did you check the full archive search premium API? That would avoid the issue you are describing.


After that we have to separate out tweets by checking tweets.created_at field.

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