How to get TweetReach and number of retweets for certain tweets in my account in the least amount of queries?


I’m working on a system that helps to “socialize” blogs for author. It gets the new posts from blogs and posts them in different places including our Twitter account (author is mentioned in every tweet). People can use our site to follow bloggers they like. Those followers get notified through Twitter using mentioning. Because of the tweet limits, I have to post many tweets for each post (every tweet mentiones different followers). That leads to big number of tweets for an author: this number can easily hit 50-100 in few days.

There is an analytics page that shows 2 numbers from Twitter: total number of retweets and TweetReach. Now I send a request “status/retweets” to Twitter for every of the tweets, where the user is mentioned as an author, and get the numbers from there.
The problem is that Rest API has limits on the GET requests per hour, so if number of a user’s tweets hits 200 or 350, then he cannot get his statistics.

Is there any short way to get the retweets number for many tweets + distinct (or not) list of retweeters, that includes their followers number? I need to use the least number of requests possible.

UPD: basically I need something like GET statuses / user_timeline, but for certain IDs…
UPD2: there is also GET statuses / lookup, but it doesn’t return retweeters.