How to get tweet_text by tweet_id (in promoted_tweets)


I have a value of “tweet_id” by getting from resource url:

But, I also want to get the value of “tweet_text”.

  • At present, I get list of scope timeline (GET accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline) which contain “id_str” and “text” values.
  • I think “id_str” is “tweet_id” (in promoted_tweets)
  • So, I can get “tweet_text” by “text” value.
  • I think the list of scope timeline will contain all “tweet_id” (in promoted_tweets). But I have a problem, when I get list of promoted_tweets, I see some “tweet_id” is not existed in list of scope timeline.
  • So, what is the problem here? How can I get the “tweet_text” by “tweet_id” (in promoted_tweets)


@dudoan1234: You can use the GET statuses/show/:id endpoint to retrieve specific Tweets.