How to get the "user_mentions" of my username with REST API 1.1


Can any one provide a sample request url
and how to bind the oAuth variables with the request?

Thanks in advance


To build the OAuth variables, you’ll be best off using a library. See [node:126] for some helpful ones. One of the variables is a request signature that is itself derived from other variables.

The method for retrieving the “current user”'s mentions is [node:9526]. It’s only viewable by the user that “owns” it.

Here’s an example of making such a request:


OAuth Signature base string:



Authorization header:

OAuth oauth_nonce=“5TYr7dykXhS9oWOIWrOnpFvpbWaRE7sMj3kBDWEQ”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1377616521”, oauth_consumer_key=“5aA6oofBOFAwN4tfmEYWjg”, oauth_token=“119476949-oYGCs2M5duG5QalbOAK2YUZh8zG3ur7DPYo5qIFN”, oauth_signature=“H9I5mKo1hVkEYeUyk2xlhR5Tf6A%3D”, oauth_version=“1.0”