How to get the tweets of a particular person


I want a list of the last 100-200 tweets of a particular person.

Im developing in Java, and maybe it is the method twitter.getUserListStatuses, but I dont know what to pass as parameter.

Also i read:
"You can use the [node:56] API to fetch a single user’s tweets."
can someone further explain this to me?


The node:56 reference is a link to an older version of our documentation, sorry about that. It is the GET statuses/user_timeline API you want to use. The Twitter4J method you’ll want to use is getHomeTimeline, passing in the user and a count of statuses. There’s an example in the Twitter4J code too.


You’ll probably actually want the Twitter4j method getUserTimeline.


Doh! Thanks for the correction, @abraham :smile:


Thank you, I hadn’t noticed that method getUserTimeline can be used with any twitter user