How to get the retweet count date wise


please some tell me that how can i get the twitter’s retweet datewise
this is how i am calling the api:
in the API Console of twitter. What are the parameters i can add more to the above url to get the data datewise, ex: on 7th oct its count is 10
on 8th is 5, etc.
i can see any parameter for date here:


Per-date retweet counts are not values that are available through the REST API, you would need to track these yourself on a daily basis.


thanx andy for your reply :smile:

actually what my requirement is, i want the count of re-tweets of my tweets done by others, is that possible from api, i.e retweets_of_me is good to call or i should call other url. i want data like this:


And i also want the demographic and geographic data of followers as plotted in the twitter analytics dashboard.
I do not see any kinda parameter for those in the api.

I want the data as it is shown in
is there a different set of api’s to fetch that data?

please help me


We do not have an API that exposes that data right now, sorry.


is there a way through which i can form the data like analytics dashboard?
please suggest something andy as it is required urgently


No, I’m afraid that is not possible.


Thanks for your answer andy :smile:
but on the other side, some social sites like sprout social, etc are able to plot the data exactly same as in the analytics tool of twitter, i am curious how they would have done it?

i have account in sprout social it gives the data like this of retweets:


Sites like the ones you describe are typically listening to the streaming API endpoints for individual users over a long period of time, and generating their own metrics. Alternatively, they may be using a certified data partner like Gnip or Datasift. There is nothing built-in to the Twitter APIs to provide that information back to third parties today.


thanks andy
i am very happy with the support you provided to me :smile:


Hi Andy, i have little doubt please clear me on this, i have multiple Access tokens of users who have authorized themselves to my App. is it possible to get their Twitter Analytics data from Streaming api ?
since we don’t have budget to go with gnip or datasift.
thanx for your help


There is no API for analytics at this time. It is important to understand that with Gnip, Datasift or other data partners you wouldn’t get “analytics”, but more detailed access to historical and real-time data - so you would still need to generate your own metrics.