How to get the media list those have been upload?


We know that media could be uploaded by POST media/upload,
but how to get them, is there a API for it?


Media uploaded with POST media/upload is transiant until it’s attached to a status with POST statuses/update. There is not an API to list that media. Once it’s tweeted you can use GET statuses/users_timeline to get a users tweets. You’ll have to get all the tweets and then filter locally for the ones with media.


Thanks for the quick reply.

One more question,
Is there any API used to get the media list uploaded at Ads UI -> Creative -> Media?


This looks like what you are looking for.



Yes, I have tried that,
but get nothing even I have uploaded a lot of media at Ads UI -> Creative -> Media.

I tried a lot and found that the medias could be get by GET accounts/:account_id/account_media
only if I use POST accounts/:account_id/account_media to associate media with my account in advance.

But I don’t know the media_ids of which I have uploaded at Ads UI -> Creative -> Media.
So GET accounts/:account_id/account_media may not what I want.
Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.


I’m not very familiar with the Ads API so all I can do is point you towards the documentation.