How to get text message on my cell phone when my app sends a message to my account



I created an app in my account and when a specific event happens the app sends a message which shows up in my Twitter account which I can read in a browser online.
How can I get that same message sent to my cell phone as a text message? I am in the U.S. and I am using an iPhone with Verizon, understand I that I can text the word “follow” and I twitter username to 40404,
For example, if my username/twitter handle (whatever it is called) is @JohnSmith when I try texting Follow @JohnSmith I get a reply saying that I can’t follow myself. So, maybe I need to text Follow @ and the username or handle of my app, but I don’t see that, I don’t see any sort of “handle” or “username”, etc., for my app.


I don’t know of a way you’ll be able to do this if the app is posting a Tweet into your account. If it had its own account, and did that (or sent you a DM, for example), it might be possible to configure. Otherwise, you’d have to do some coding to figure out how to find that Tweet when it happens, and use something like Twilio to send you an SMS.


Thanks Andy, how can I make an account for the app? I don’t know if the app is sending me a Direct Message or not because in my twitter account I can click the three dots and it gives me the option to send as a Direct Message. Let me know if you need me to supply any more details that might help. I am new to Twitter.