How to get Summary Card with large image with API



I think I’m missing something -
there are many ads cards specifications
How exactly I get “summary card with large image” in the ads api?

I try to work with POST accounts/:accound_id/cards/website, but can’t really get the effect of “Summary cartd with large image” from the first link (with tweet, image, title, desctipion, and website url).

seems like I don’t know how to get all the content that comes below the image with this nice layout

How do I fill all this data? or is it populated automatically if I set the tweet status with the preview_url I got from web site card creation?

Do i use the right REST request type? is the effect I want to achive is “web site card” or there is different entity of “summary with large image” that I just didn’t find in the api?


any luck? THanks


Is not possible for Ads API