How to get rid of this author?


I am using wordpress site and recently created cards but when my site automatically tweet it gives this author autmatically, i dont have this account and i have no idea where it got that WEB account in my tweets please help how to get rid of it or where to find it.

Thank you so much.


Which Wordpress plugin are you using to add the cards to your site? There must be a place in the configuration where that value (“web”) has been entered so that it shows up in the owner field.


I am using yoast and jetpack and believe me i checked everywhere and couldnt find this profile anywhere. no idea what to do next.

Your comments and help will be appreciated.

Thank you


I’m hoping that another user who actually knows about the Yoast plugin can help - otherwise, maybe you could ask them directly?


i made an error when i applied and send the validation to twitter for the card. I simply want to delete my card which i sent to twitter for validating or atleast edit it. i think i entered SUMMARY there which is showing up on my twitter cards.

Can I edit the form which i sent to twitter for validation? and apply again so i can remove the SUMMARY from it and enter the correct username there.

Thank you


Deleted the entry. You can re-submit when you are ready.


Hello, How to submit new twitter card? I did how i did before and seeing this.

Not the submit button where i filled the form for submission of the card.

Thank you


It looks like it’s already approved. What more would you like to do?

If you’re trying to change the “Web” attribution, can you give us the URL you submitted?


Sorry i dont remember which link i submitted. Is there anything else can be done to remove WEB from the cards.

Thank you


Now its not showing any cards on the twitter feed when i validate the new url, As you can said it said whitelisted days ago and on right said it said Warn: Not Whitelisted.

What to do?