How to get ResultType, ResultRateType and CostPerResultType?




I am trying to get the same exact csv report that twitter provides via UI in Ads Manager. I was able to get most of the metrices/columns via API but I am struggling to get three columns - ResultType, ResultRateType and CostPerResultType. How to derive or get this information for promoted_tweets?

Web UI -

Downloaded csv file -

Please help.

Thank you.

How to fetch value of metric "Results" using Ads API

@Pushkr: It sounds like you’re looking for the labels in the Results, Results rate, and Cost per result columns. See this thread for more information on that. In general, you should look at the line item’s objective and charge_by values. It’s not always a direct mapping, though. For AWARENESS campaigns, for example, we show “Impressions” as the Result Type, so you’ll have to do your own investigation for all of those rules.