How to get replies for any particular tweet


I am using api - statuses/home_timeline api to get user home page tweets, but response doesnt include the replies on post , is there any api available to get replies on tweets ?

And this api description shows 15 Requests / 15-min window , is any way available to increase the limit ?


We don’t have a public API for getting replies to particular tweets, I’m afraid. In terms of the rate limit, we’ve found that the commonest use cases for statuses/home_timeline fit comfortably within the 15/15min allocation; can you provide more detail about what you’re doing which needs more?


Hi isaach, Thanks for replying ,
You mean there is no way to get replies on tweet ?
And i am creating web application where user can see his/her twitter timeline on website dashboard.I am afraid sometimes user will refresh or load ( pagination ) more than 15 times in 15 mins ( not every time but to make sure i am considering every situation ) , and every-time i am calling api to get latest response back.