How to get remaining budget by ads api?



How can I get budget balance with api

This is related to another thread : How to get the "Remaining Budget" by Ads API like Ads UI?.

This field is provided on the Funding Instrument endpoint as credit_remaining_local_micro. Note, the Attribute Details section of the Funding Instruments documentation page states:

credit_remaining_local_micro is valid for CREDIT_LINE and AGENCY_CREDIT_LINE type funding instruments. It represents the credit_limit_local_micro minus the amount already spent on that funding instrument. It does not represent the difference between funded_amount_local_micro and the amount spent. We draw a distinction between credit limit and funded amount because they represent different underlying funding methods and spending agreements we have with advertisers.

We have a feature request to provide this information for other types of funding instruments.


Thanks for your response.
The type of data what I wanted is ‘INSERTION_ORDER’,both ‘credit_remaining_local_micro’ and credit_limit_local_micro are null.
How can I get the difference between funded_amount_local_micro and the amount spent?



As he said, unfortunately, this is something we do not support at this moment and we’re trying to deliver these metrics for other funding instruments type as well near the future. Thank you for your patience.