How to get number of followers(only) from the follow button provided by twitter


I have been trying different methods to get the number of followers of any twitter. I found two best ways:

  1. to put the twitter button on my webpage and make the data-show-count= true
  2. other is via OAuth.

My question is–>Is there any way to display ONLY the number of followers from the twitter button provided by twitter itself…

If yes then please provide code or right approach to it.



No, the follower count is an add-on to the Follow button. There is no count display without the context of the follow provided by Twitter widgets.

Twitter’s REST API includes a followers_count property in its User response.


And how long is it going to take for Twitter to realize that people only want to see the count number in the bubble, on this plug-in? I have seen multiple threads that go on even a couple of years old now asking this same question, “Is the ‘followers’ extension after the count removable?” and still Twitter has not gotten a clue. I looked at the Javascript it uses to script this through Dreamweaver, and I can tell the change would be no effort at all, especially minimal, if only I had permission to edit the document.

Since there thus-far seems to be no user-freedom to remove this extension, is there any way that I might be granted access to the javascript file in order to place it on a direct link through my website to alter the code myself? Because it is ridiculous that the “# followers”, rather than just the “#” is necessary.


thanks for the reply, but i have tried the rest api method as well. In that I have to provide the oauth access. I have used everything required but the problem is that I always use to get ba authentication from twitter, I am unable to find the reason.

So, it will be very great if you can provide me the right way or rather the code to do the same.


So you seem to be asking for just a number, rather than a number with the word “followers” after it? I guess that could potentially be confusing, as what does the number mean without explanation? It could imply number of tweets, favourites, etc.


If you use the API, you need to create an app at, then use the API keys inside your code to authenticate with Twitter. The code will depend on the language and library you are using (example [node:126]) - you need to pass the user ID or screen name to the /get/users/show endpoint, and then parse out the followers_count value.


thanks @andypiper

I will try and will get back to you for queries.