How to get notifications for new tweets of a protected twitter account I follow




I have been reading the API docs but I am a bit confused between the different types of APIs: the ones that are deprecated / going to be deprecated and the new ones.

What I am looking to achieve is simple: I want to get notifications of the new tweets from a protected twitter account that I follow.
This is for personal use only. This is not to develop an app to be used by everybody.

From what I understand, I cannot use the Streaming endpoint (statuses/filter) because it does not support protected accounts.
So I feel that the only solution is to pull GET statuses/user_timeline.

Is that correct?
Can someone confirm there is not a more efficient way to do this?



That’s probably a good way to do what you want to achieve, yes.


Ok thanks, too bad there is not a more efficient way. I would have preferred avoiding to pull the API.
Any reasons protected accounts are not supported in the streaming endpoints? They should be allowed if the permissions allow it.


Many reasons - mostly associated with the fact that the streaming endpoints are legacy infrastructure that are on the roadmap to be replaced, and that they haven’t always required a user context to consume streams. Apologies that there’s nothing more efficient available at this time.


No worries. Thank you for the information. I wanted to make sure I did not miss anything in the docs. :slight_smile: