How to get new followers list when next cursor is 0 in twitter api?


I am using following code to get 200 followers:

$followers = $connection->get(‘followers/list’, $options);
if i have 150 followers, it returns next cursor to 0. (it means all followers are returned by api).

Now if i get new 3 followers, how do i retrieve new only followers?

When i pass cursor = 0, it return nothing. and if i pass cursor=-1, it return from beginning.

Is there any way that i can fetch only last 3 followers ?

Here is my code:

$options = array(

$connection = new TwitterOAuth($key, $secret, $token, $secret);

$followers = $connection->get(‘followers/list’, $options);


No, that is not possible. Cursor 0 means that there is no next page.