How to get my account white listed to get access to streaming API?



I am developing an application which would load Tweets of N number of users using Cronjob. (Single OAuth token, key pair)
I found out with the current rate limit impose in Twitter API V1.1, its not possible to load Tweets of many users.

When i researched on this, i found i can use Streaming API and to use Streaming API my account need to get whitelisted.

When i searched on this topic, i found the link
in this link the Rate limit specified are Ratelimits of Twitter API V1.0, so i am not sure if this article is upto date to follow.

How do i get whitelisted?



The Streaming API’s default levels are ample for most needs – you won’t need special permissions or whitelisting to use them. The sample stream is open to you, as well as statuses/filter with tracking up to 400 keywords and 5000 users using follow.


Actually i am trying to use Site Streams, since i need to pull data of n number of users
using single OAuth secret, key pair. I tried to make OAuth calls to Site Streaming API, but do not got any result. Any suggestion on how should i make use of this.


Site Streams if for pulling for N users, when you have access tokens (explicit access rights granted by) those N users. Site Streams is in a constrained beta and not openly available at this time.

You might want to take a look at the simple statuses/filter method with the follow parameter instead – you can stream tweets related to up to 5000 users that way.


Oh Great. Thanks for the information.

INF : If we need to stream more than 5000 users, then we might need to get if from Twitter’s Authorized Data Sellers