How to get more than 3200 tweets for a user?


I am using Twitter API to read the user timeline. The user timeline api is only providing 3200 tweets. I want to gather more than 3200 tweets per user. Please let me know if there is any workaround.


Unfortunately, 3200 is the maximum number of tweets you can retrieve from the REST API for a given user.

To get more, you can use the Streaming API to track a set of users and get all their tweets, storing them for later.

To get tweets from the past - one of the historical GNIP APIs, or asking the user to provide tweet IDs from their archive is the only way to do it.


I just used the API and this endpoint: “

I got back over 4000 tweets and my very first tweet, which was a nice surprise. Can you confirm if this limit of 3200 has been removed, and if so, what is the new limit (if any)?


Found anything new?
I am facing same thing. Getting around 3250 tweets.