How to get last 3-5 of my tweet into my website


Hi Guys,

I would like to know how to get all my last 3-5 tweet into my website.



You might want to take a look at our simple widgets:


I have the same question. I have been looking for an example of the api in use with php. All I seem to find is seriously old plugins written to do more than I need. I need 3-5 of my most rescent tweets. And a button to take them to my page to comment. thats it. And from what im seeing i need all of this authentication yet you can instantly make a widget that is completely not styleable? What am i missing


try this:



Lately, in Internet Explorer this javascript is seen invisible. But in Chrome and Firefox, there is no problem. What is the problem with IE



I has a similar issue with my script not working in IE. Did you solve this?



how to get latest tweets using ethernet shield please help me as soon as possible



How to get tweets from Twitter API after passing user name?



I have accomplished that in my site by using twitter widget

avoid using 3rd party plugins as twitter has an awesome one-click-go widget that have a robust support


How to get user timeline along with @mentions and #hash tags using API, without using widget, Can someone please help me with some code to get all those posts to display on my website. Actually i need to display based on the clients login, but its secondary matter. Someone please help me I am getting only user_timeline but not @mentions & #hashtags. I am working on twitter for the first time and pulling out my hair literally…

Thank you