How to get ID/username of user who retweets my tweet?


Morning everyone, hope breakfast was good.

I’m trying to get all the IDs and usernames of users who’ve retweeted my tweets, but “statuses/retweets_of_me” seems to not have this info on each tweet. Looking at the docs for “statuses/mentions_timeline”, it says you can include retweets by adding "include_rts=1"but they seems to not be included when I add this - I’m assuming that’s only for count purposes.

Thanks to anyone who knows a way to get those IDs & usernames with the REST API.


Obviously this is an old question, but for anyone who finds this in the future, I made a work-around of this in order to get the information of users who retweeted my tweets. I used “statuses/retweets_of_me” in order to get the tweets which have been retweeted, then used “statuses/retweeters/ids”, passing in the ID of the tweet that was retweeted, in order to get the IDs of users who retweeted the tweet. If you’d like, you can then use “users/show” for each of these IDs in order to get information about the users who retweeted the tweet