How to get gif image from twitter feeds from GNIP php library




i want ro get gif image from GNIP using php library.Please he,lp me in that


Gnip doesn’t store GIFs, images or videos - it is just an alternative way of querying Twitter data.

If you have a Tweet object from the Gnip API, and it contains extended media entities, you’ll find the GIF data linked in there. GIFs are transcoded to MP4 on upload to Twitter, so you can only download the transcoded MP4, not the original GIF itself.


u mean the .mp4 url that lies in extended_entities->media->video_info->variants->url but i think the GNIP structure is different.Can u tell me the exact GNIP json format for any gif image tweet


GNIP appends extra meta data to tweets as far as i know - so a JSON object coming from GNIP should still have the extended_entities field, same as a JSON object from twitter API.