How to get geo/place location with a search of tweets


I am using this type of search:

What it does is looking for any tweet with this “#proveN”.

I have created a tweet from twitter website adding my location. (city)
I have tried to get the place/geo from the search and i always get “geo”:null,

Does anyone know how can i the geo location properly ?



Using the location box in the website inserts place data, instead of geo (which is set if you use a mobile device with GPS for example).

Unfortunately place data is not included in search results. You need to look up the individual Tweet item:


Thanks Kurrik.
I will do it like that then :wink:



Thank @Kurrik, I have the same question…I am able to see the data using tweet id…But its now showing Place and Coordinates i null of the tweet…Tweeted by my follower.

Its showing “geo_enabled”:false …! Is there any other way of seeing coordinates or Place of the tweet.

Thank you so much …Waiting for your reply


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