How to get email address from Twitter API - Android




I have the exact issue mentioned by the developer on this link:

I have provided the URLs to my apps privacy policy and terms of service. I have also checked the “Request email address from users” checkbox under Additional permissions of the Permissions tab.

But I still get the message “The application may not have access to email addresses or the user may not have an email address…”

The question in the link I posted above wasn’t solved on the page. Is there something else I’m missing here? Some help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


There’s a couple of reasons why you may still not get the email address. For example, the user can deny or reject sending the email address. Also, if the user has previously authorized your app, they would need to revoke access and then re authenticate your app. If it seems like this is happening outside of those two situations, then please email your key into support(at)fabric(dot)io.