How to get email address by login with twitter? in passport.js



As the day before its returning email addtress by checks “Request email addresses from users” in permission tab of, after adding userProfileURL: “” in passport.js twitter strateggy. but todays is not returns, why?


I follow the every steps of above link. But I had made changes in application name after doing above steps.
So the same process as mentioned in above link and then after not changes in your application then sure works.

also add the userProfileURL field in passport twitter strateggy as bellow:

passport.use(new TwitterStrategy({
consumerKey : config_node_env.twitterAuth.consumerKey,
consumerSecret : config_node_env.twitterAuth.consumerSecret,
callbackURL : config_node_env.twitterAuth.callbackURL,
passReqToCallback: true,
userProfileURL: "",
function(req, token, tokenSecret, profile, done) {
console.log(' twitter profile------------------------------')

. so on


Sorry, I’m not quite understanding your post. Are you having a problem here? Or is it resolved now?