How to get Conversion descriptions




If we use the Twitter’s page to get a report, we get conversions like “[VESTIBULAR] Botão Inscreva-se - Inscrições” and “[VESTIBULAR] Boleto – Inscrições”. At the API I can get the metrics for the “Conversion SignUps”, but how could I get the description “[VESTIBULAR] Botão Inscreva-se”?

I’m sorry if it’s a duplicate. I’ve found this ticket but it’s still not clear to me.

PS: “Inscrições” in portuguese is “SignUps”, so I don’t know if I should get the metrics for Conversion SignUps or Conversion Custom.



The way to get metrics split up by those conversion types is to use the “CONVERSION_TAGS” segmentation option on web conversion metric group:

This is kind of buried at the bottom of

Thanks for feedback about this being difficult to figure out - we will be improving documentation more over the upcoming months.


Unfortunatelly, I’m using this library: and it doesn’t support this segmentation. :cry: Thanks, though.