How to get content of promoted tweet


I am trying to get the content of promoted tweets. I managed to get the stats for promoted tweets using

but I am not able to get the tweet text (content).

Is it possible to get the content using the Ads API?



Check out, it’s not part of the Ads API but in the regular API


Thanks, wasn’t aware that you can combine the Ads and there Regular API with the same auth token.


Is there any way to get the content of a single promoted-only tweet after posting? (Created with nullcast=true?)

“statuses/show.json?id=:x” seems to work for normal tweets, but not for a promoted-only tweet. And “accounts/:account/scoped_timeline?scoped_to=none&user_ids=:user” works, but it returns a list, and it would be nice to fetch only a single instance. Is there a way to do this?



@Will_Parker Can you please provide the full request and response? You should be able to see a nullcasted tweet through statuses/show, as long as its not protected.


Hi, you’re right, I can now see the nullcasted tweet with, e.g. twurl -H /1.1/statuses/show.json?id=:id. So maybe I got my wires crossed before, thanks for the help!