How to get case id for card validation



Hi there! I’ve recently put my website up for validation, and I am looking for my case number. How would I go about getting it? I didn’t get any emails about the validation.



Unless you are using a player card, there is no need to apply for whitelisting.

Please see this topic for more details.


Sorry, I should have been more clear, I am trying to use a player card.


Have you submitted the card for whitelisting via the validation tool? it can take a few days for the team to get through whitelist requests.


Yes I have, but I didn’t receive a confirmation email or anything. Do I only get an email if it has been approved/rejected or did something go wrong?



Andy - just talking with my producer who suggested I mention that we’re working on a project with DDB Chicago for Starburst (Wrigleys). From what I understand the team at DDB is working with the media team at Twitter on a large campaign buy for a Starburst campaign in April, and we’ve been told by the team at Twitter that if we can get the ‘case number’ from this validation we will be able to fast track the approval for our video player in time for the campaign launch. Is there any way you can help with this or should we speaking to another department?