How to get Card ID from Tweet ID?


Hi, this is a question about using Advertising API GETs on existing tweets. We are trying to determine what the Card ID is from a known Tweet ID using the Advertising API.

We are able to retrieve the following data from the advertising api:

  • account id
  • campaign id
  • line id
  • promoted tweet id
  • tweet id

But how do we actually get the card id with this information? Is there a GET call on the Advertising API we can make to retrieve this?

Our current work around is to use the Tweet ID on the status API to get the preview_url (typo: expanded_url) which we can parse for the card ID, but it seems strange to us that we’d have to jump over to a completely different api to get this data.



We would normally advise to save the card URL in a mapping on your end, but it can also be retrieved via the tweet object’s expanded_url like “” (hju3 would be card ID).



Typo in my last post. Our current work around is parsing expanded_url on

Sounds like that’s the only way. I assume the risk is if/when we ever delete any tweet, then this call won’t work. The only way to be complete will be to store it. Is that right?



Jep, parsing the extended url is the approach I use to get the card ids too.