How to get an update to an xAuth request


I have requested xAuth privileges for a mobile app - I received the initial response asking to confirm whether I have sent the required information (which I responded to confirming this)

I haven’t heard back for close to a month now and have not being able to get in contact with anyone from twitter who could offer some help. Is there anyway I could get someone from support to look in to this?


xAuth requests are typically handled within 72 business hours of receiving the request. If the policy team needs more clarification, they’ll respond to your ticket with additional questions. Ironically, these responses have a habit of finding their way into spam folders so be sure and check there. If you can’t find your ticket, try submitting a request to again.


I’ve been waiting for a week now. Someone got back to me asking the same question that was asked in the first reply that I got, but after that, no replies. :frowning: