How to get an official policy consideration for an API use case?


I used the “Twitter API Policy Support” contact form on to send a request for approval on my API use case and received the following:

To begin building on the Twitter API, you must first register your application. After that, you can read through our API documentation. We look forward to seeing what you develop.

Twitter Platform Operations

I replied and again explained that I just wanted a policy consideration and approval for my use case and received the following:

Thanks for reaching out. We do not provide technical support through this helpdesk. We suggest that you check out our API documentation for technical information. Additionally, you may want to search through our Developer discussions. Our Developer Advocates regularly answer questions and share tips and best practices with our developer community here.

Twitter Platform Operations

I also tried the old address but no luck there:


We no longer monitor this email address. Please go to the following page to submit a support request:

The Twitter team

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by “official policy consideration”. Generally we ask users of the Twitter APIs to abide by the Developer Rules of the Road. Does your use case fit within those rules?


I believe that my use case fits within the Developer Rules. However, I want to make absolutely sure I am interpreting them correctly before investing time and money in development.

I submitted a description of the use case to the API policy question support ticket but wasn’t able to get a response.


Got it. True, one-off on-demand 1:1 reviews of use cases for compliance isn’t something we’re really able to take on. If you post it here in the forums, though, you may get some good advice.


@nikkerns Feel free to provide your case number and I’ll take a look personally.

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