How to get all tweets of particular #Hashtag between the dates?


I want all tweets related to particular event, let’s say, Cricket World Cup 2015. So I want all tweets which contains #CWC15 between the dates between Jan 15 to Apr 15. How can I get? I tried with Streaming APIs but not getting the way I want moreover I cannot limit between 2 dates.


My understanding is…

  1. If the dates are more than a week old, you have to pay. The free Twitter API won’t do it.

  2. If the dates are less than a week old, use search/tweets endpoint. Set q to your hashtag. Set until to your ending date. Keeping searching back in time until the first date is reached. But, you may not get ALL tweets. Only what Twitter deems important.

  3. If the dates are in the future, use statuses\filter. Set track to your hashtag, and wait for tweets with your date range. You will get all tweets so long as those tweets with your hashtag don’t consume more than 1% of the entire stream.


thanks Lot.

I want 3 to 4 months old data. Can u please throw some light on these paid services? Where to purchase? and generally what are the rates?


I know Gnip is one service that Twitter owns. Your best bet is to google “firehose” or “gnip” to get more info.