How to get all followers/friends with the cursor parameter in Android



I am trying to get followers/friends for a given user name, it works fine, however when I try to get the followers/friends for a user with large number of followers/friends it returns only the number of followers/friends that in the count parameter. How should I get all follower/friend with the cursor value in Android (I didn’t understand how this cursor parameter works).
Thanks in advance


There’s more on using cursors in the REST API documentation. Are you using Twitter Kit in Fabric?


Yes I am using Twitter Kit in Fabric.
That’s exactly the problem I couldn’t realize how I get this cursor value and use it.


Extend the TwitterApiClient in Fabric to call the friends/followers endpoint and then step through the cursors. I don’t have an example handy but this one may help.


Thank you very much! (I actually already figured it out by myself).