How to get all current new tweets?



Hello, so I am fairly new to twitter’s API and even newer to using in a Node.JS setting for my twitter bot. I want to search all the tweets that are currently being posted in order to produce a sort of chart that measures what is twitter talking about now (politics, sports, etc.).

Now, my understanding, in order to search a tweet you have to give it some sort of parameter as follows:

var params = {
 q: '#aprilfools, #aprilfoolsday',  // REQUIRED
     result_type: 'recent', //recent tweets only.
      lang: 'en'

But I am not sure how I can include a time period in it, I tried looking it up, but it did not help or the answer wasn’t actually working. May have used the old API most likely. SO I guess just to wrap it, how can I fetch all tweets currently posted between a specific time period without having to specify a query parameter?


Seems like you want something like (#aprilfools OR #aprilfoolsday) since:2017-04-01 until:2017-04-02 in your q if you want to get tweets between April 1st and 2nd for example. Types of queries you can make are detailed in

Remember that REST API only indexes last week of tweets, so older ones are not available (web search is different and indexes older tweets)


I see, how would I structure that query from within my node.js using those params that I have in place? I tried doing it without the query and typing both since and until, but I never got anything back as a result. Also, would I be using search/tweets or statuses/user_timeline for my get requests?

The documentation is somewhat lacking all things considered. Especially how their url examples never work.