How to get all conversation (replies) related to a tweet? is there any API?


I have a application where we showing all tweets and there is a expand button same as twitter ,I want there showing all conversation related to tweet on expand click . Is there any api for that?
Please help me and suggests me how to get all conversation(replies) related to particular tweet?
Is it possible?


Hi Manu.,
Here., I think there is no special api to get conversation. But., possibilty is there to get conversation by using “in_reply_to_status_id_str” ., its a chain process.


I was using the related_tweets endpoint in V1, and when it was depreciated in V1.1, this caused big problems for the application I was working on.

I had to create a workaround, which I have documented here,

It scrapes Twitter and it’s very reliable.
I’ve used it for the past few months and have successfully returned thousands of conversations.

If Twitter change their markup, I’ll update the code on Github.

Hope it helps,