How to get all ads image and ads text from campaign



Hi All
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I tried with campaign id 41gzy.
In Twitter campaigns dashboard, at least 3 advertises are displayed.
When i get by API, this is my results:
got 15 time line items
got 15 promoted tweets
all of 15 promoted tweets are associated with a same tweet ID
so i just get a card from this tweet ID.

I expected 3 tweets and 3 card as campaigns dashboard showed.

Please advise.

@rchoi @hwz @joncipriano


Hi @letung,

Without knowing much more, it’s useful to know that the line items are not a direct 1-1 mapping in the UI. Specifically, based on targeting and other criteria, we create line items.

Can you provide more detail on the actual campaign and targeting?


Hi @rchoi,

The campaigns Id i requested is 41gzy.
and i got only one tweet from this campaign id (tweet id 693004074254491648)
In campaign dashboard i have 3 promoted tweet with same text. Is that mean 1 tweet with 3 cards ?

A other issue, i used account id 18ce549m0x3 to get all promoted tweet belong to account.
End point: accounts/18ce549m0x3/promoted_tweets (without parameter)
But i just got the promoted tweets (24 tweet) which created at 2016-03-14.
In dashboard screen i can see a lot of promoted tweet which created at a lot of other time.
Have you any ideal for this issue ?