How to get access to posting to Twitter from Unity TwitterKit SDK?



We’ve been integrating the Unity Fabric TwitterKit SDK into our virtual reality game for Google Cardboard on iOS + Android and have hit a wall trying to get the Tweet Composer to work. The Tweet Composer shows up on iOS, but after hitting the “Tweet” button, nothing happens you stay on the screen. There are also no error messages that show up either.

  • We reached out to support @ twitter to “whitelist” us for App Cards from our application. We got the following response:

Thanks for reaching out. App card access is not publicly available at the moment. Please check for updates on when this will change.


Twitter Platform Operations

  • Upon re-reading the documentation and the above email from Twitter it seems that the Twitter Tweet Compose is in Beta, and potentially isn’t actually available for us to use. Is it possible to apply for the beta? Is there a date for public release? Or is there another SDK/library currently available to help with tweeting from a Unity game?



I’ve been facing the same problem too . Can’t fully integrate twitter unity fabric. Would like to know more , or see an example project like how you guys have provided for the ios and android platforms . Spent many hours searching on how to work this out , but always reaching a dead end.

For now, the only workaround I can do is to let my users post to twitter would be a simple tweet. I would like my users to post a twitter card for many reasons .

1.Presentation looks nicer
2.So that users won’t be able to edit their high scores in the tweet , a picture through the "large media card " would verify that they would have gotten a specific high score.

Hoping that @support provides more support within the twitter fabric unity documentation.

@RudyMutter If you’re interested . This is my simple workaround to let the users at least to tweet, it redirects the user to twitter app if it’s installed on the device . Otherwise, it redirects the user to the web browser.

string TWITTER_ADDRESS = "";


Hope I didn’t offend anyone in this reply. Just looking around for help in the forums , and if anyone can get back to me about implementing the twitter fabric into unity It would be awesome !

Best Regards ,


@CapelEdwin I want to tweet and attach one image with my tweet.I will kept the image in a persistent path.
how can i attach the image when using OpenURL to tweet…
Thank you