How to get a Twitter Application created and approved for use


Forgive me opening a new Topic. However, being new to this forum, I found no button to simply Reply in the existing Twitter Topics that covered creating an application.

I am trying to create a Twitter Application at I fill out the “Create an Application” form and click Create your Twitter application button. I get this error message: “You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. “

Consequently, I log into my Twitter account PastorBurt2, click Mobile, and tried “Add your phone number” by entering the Phone number text block my Mobile Phone number which is 9363462557. Yes. “+63” is presumed as prefix and appears on the screen so there is no need to type +63. In response to the entry of my phone number 9363462557, I get this error message: “The phone number you provided has the wrong format.”

Well, first of all “9363462557” is my phone number, so what’s wrong with Twitter getting its system working to accepting a working mobile phone number? If there is no simple solution to this problem other than to conclude that at least one if not likely two Twitter applications are simply failing, could someone please direct me to a support person by URL, Email, or phone number – whatever - that I can contact who can then manually get beyond this nonsensical error message and enter my phone number into Twitter’s records so hopefully I can get on with the programming of my Twitter application.

By the way, I thought I gave Twitter my phone number a long time ago when I opened up my Twitter account. Twitter submission application is so designed that you can not open an account without successfully submitting a valid phone number. So why is this request for my phone number even being made? You have a phone number on me already. Has Twitter simply lost it’s records for my account?


Pastor Burt


I have the exact same problem! Is there anyone who can help?


Hi, have you guys solved this problem? I’ve been stuck for two days already.


If you are having issues adding creating an application due to a phone number problem, I’d recommend contacting us via our Platform Support policy form. We’re not able to resolve such issues via these discussion forums.


I added an usa phonenumber, success.