How to get a tweet replies count?


Is there a way by API to get the No. of replies to a tweet?

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There is, but it is undocumented. It is not suitable to use undocumented endpoints as Twitter might shut it down on some time.


I cant believe this is supposed to be the offical response / point of view of twitter.
Please let us know how to proceed…

One possibility could be:

  • use this and that undocumented feature, when it will be phased out we’ll make sure a new one is available in the latest api.


@paulhuizer could u pls explain me to get the replies count. because i could not understand wht ur telling.


The number of replies available to a tweet is not available in the API. If you want to know the number of replies you’ll have to count them – the best way to count things in the Twitter API is to use a Streaming API and count them in real-time as they happen.