How to get a return value from tweet?


I’m a developer who comes from china. we have the develop requirements that get a return value while the tweet is successful,and then we can record it. so that, we can give a gift to encourage people to tweet our product according to the successful tweet ! it’s difficult to find some help document easily because of the language, so i ask for a help here. hope you can help me .


How are your users tweeting? Using the tweet button? In an application?

If they are tweeting from your application, you get back the tweet information when you send the tweet.

If they are tweeting with the tweet button or an application that is not yours, the best is probably to use the [node:10389] streaming API to get all public tweets including some special hashtag, or all public tweets including a URL for your products.


Thanks for your help, we have worked it out. but thanks again.