How to fix error 32 “Could not authenticate you.” for POST reply?



I’m using Postman for a POST reply to tweet and receiving “error 32, could not authenticate you”. I have OAuth headers populated with all consumer key and token info and the status and in_reply_to_status_id parameters populated (ie. status: “@username Test reply”, in_reply_to_status_id: 1234567890123456789).

I’m able to successfully post a tweet through the status parameter so it seems as though authorization is ok. Once I try a reply, it seems to throw the error as soon as I use @username in the status parameter. If I leave @username out of the status parameter in a reply, the POST executes and ignores the reply.

I also get the same authentication error when I put @username in a new tweet.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Resolved - params were being sent through params tab and not body tab.