How to fix a suspended user



I was trying to develop an application using the streaming API and I was repeatedly getting a 420 error even though I sometimes waited for over an hour before trying now to connect. After waiting for about 2 hours, I tried connecting again and then got the error message TweepError: [{u’code’: 63, u’message’: u’User has been suspended.’}].

I waited for about 2 weeks and then tried connecting once again but I’m still suspended. My questions are

  1. How do I get the suspension lifted?

  2. What do I do to prevent the 420 errors which leads to the suspension even though as mentioned I followed the recommendation to wait for a minute before trying to reconnect ( I waited over 10 - 20 mins and more before trying to connect)


There’s info on that here, on our Support site. We unfortunately can’t help with that via these forums. If you log into the account on the website, do you get a message about suspension? In the meantime, you could try using a different user and app ID with your code?

That’s annoying, and I can only apologise for that. My guess is that you repeatedly disconnected and reconnected earlier on in your development cycle, and that got marked as a problem. To be honest, I’ve got myself into this situation before! There’s some guidance here about how to exponentially back-off.



Thanks for the response. I already tried a different app ID (key, security, etc) and I still get the same error. In addition, I logged into my application dashboard and I don’t see any notice that my account has been suspended. I use the same account for the REST API to post updates (a different app) and that still works till now. Is it possible the ban looks at my IP and not the app ID? Could this be an issue with the Tweepy Library?


Yes this sounds more like an IP block than an account issue.


So, is this block permanent? Does it get lifted after some time? If so, how long will it take? As I mentioned, I waited for about 3 weeks before trying again.

Also note that I followed Twitter’s recommendation for waiting before reconnecting but I was still getting the 420 error. What is the best possible recommendation for working on a Dev environment?



I stopped getting this error in April but I’m still getting the 420 errors even when I wait for 12 hours before connecting. How can I prevent this 420 error?