How to find the Twitter account name from which a Twitter Dev App was created?



I cannot find the details of the Twitter account through which someone from my team created a Twitter Dev app.

I know it was created by someone in my team, but the details are now lost.

It could be a past employee.

When trying to create the same app again through our official Twitter account, it says that the app name is already taken.

How does one figure out from what Twitter account was the app created?

If i know the name of the account, I can request the person to delete the app so that the app name becomes available again.

We would like to do this because the app is not being used and the name is going to waste.

The app name is SnapLion.

I have created another app called ‘SnapLion Connect’ through our official Twitter account, but i would much rather use the original app name, SnapLion.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I have very similar question. One of my previous employees has taken the name, but now I’m unable to see even the email associated with the account that created this app Name.


We got the same problem. We already asked our past employee to take the app down. However, we still cannot register the app with that name again. Do we need to wait some time to have that app cancellation take effect? What do we need to do to have that app name back? Thanks.


It’s not possible to tell who owns an application directly.

We have a somewhat strict process for surrendering applications or their names – some times they require that you are in direct contact with the current owner, some times they require that you have a trademark for the name you’re after.

In any case, use this form to request what you’re looking for and provide as much detail as possible about your scenario: